Count Fist-Sized Portions

To record a food item:

  1. Imagine squashing the food item.
  2. Make a fist.  Estimate how many fists would be the same size as the squashed food item.
  3. Tap the '+' button to record the number of fists estimated.

Exclude drinks known to have zero calories (water, diet soda, tea, black coffee, etc.) 

Include other drinks like, smoothies, alcohol, regular soda, milk, juice, etc.

See other tips.


  • If you eat a sandwich that is about as large as two fists you should tap the '+' button twice.
  • If you drink a small glass of juice about the size of a single fist you should tap the '+' button once.

Weigh Yourself Regularly

Pertinacity works for weight loss and weight maintenance.  To maintain your weight over the long term, you'll need to monitor it by weighing yourself regularly.  Try weighing yourself every day or every week.

Choose a 5 pound range of body weight that you consider acceptable.  Then tap Today's Target to select the appropriate Rule:

Lose Rule: If your weight is above your range.

Gain Rule: If your weight is below your range.

Otherwise, follow the same Rule you followed yesterday.

Note: You don't necessarily need to choose your 5-pound range right away.  You could start by applying the Lose Rule until you reach a weight you like, then choose your 5-pound range.

See other tips.