Simpler Than Calorie Counting

  1. Imagine squashing a food item.

  2. Make a fist. Estimate how many fists would be the same size as the squashed food item.

  3. Tap the '+' button to record the number of fists estimated.

Detailed Instructions

People Are Talking calls Pertinacity "an astonishingly easy app to use".

David D says: "I love this app; it's so simple and way more useful than other food tracking apps. "

Elenor W says: "...this encapsulates everything. Instead of all the [more complicated] counting  I have started using your fist system. I've already lost a couple pounds in just s couple days. Really nice.

Cmac47 says: "I am a health coach and fitness professional of 25+ years
... the easiest weight loss app that I have seen ... I use [Pertinacity] with my clients!"

Dean G. says: "I began using the Pertinacity app [recently] and so far have lost about
5-7 pounds. The rate of weight loss was less a concern than finding an
approach that I could implement long-term. So far it seems I have found that
in the Pertinacity app."

Amanda H. has lost 15 pounds.

Geraldine S. has lost 10 pounds.

More Accurate Than Calorie Counting

  • Pertinacity's Adaptive Portion Target algorithm makes Pertinacity more accurate than calorie counting systems.
  • While slightly less precise than calorie counters, Portion Counting is as precise as the calorie expenditure estimates of popular wearables like FitBit Ultra, Jawbone Up, and the Nike Fuelband.

Change Your Life.  Keep Your Style.

  • Start out eating the way you do now.

  • Make small changes that add up over time.

  • Track restaurant, packaged, and home-made food all the same, simple way.

  • No need to record activity or details of food.

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